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Arcos de Valdevez can be considered a small seduction box, embedded in Vale do Vez, Arcos retains all the characteristic charm of Alto Minho: green landscape, abundant freshness, sunny architecture and a river that spreads the vanity of an entire village full of history. Located in Távora Santa Maria, Cantinho de Alcácer is a local accommodation that offers peace and tranquility to spend an unforgettable holiday. Trying to follow Alto Minho's characteristics, this logo was created thinking about nature and its organic shapes/forms, reflecting these aspects also in the color palette. The client asked for something modern and elegant, so that he could also show the versatility of Cantinho: a space to be enjoyed both with family and friends with many outdoor activities to be enjoyed.
Of all the sketches created, the chosen logo was the one that had both the letters C and A that created both the outline of the house and the outline of its surrounding space, making it look like the house was in a "corner" (corner = cantinho), the sun which reminds us of summer and holidays and a tree symbolising the nature.

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Art Direction Aguiam Design
Design Rui P. Aguiam
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Year 2020
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